08. Term Project Document: Digital Puppet [Sanghyun Yoo]


0. Digital Puppet paper (CHI format)

download PDF version: [MTI] Digital Puppet_Sanghyun Yoo_draft

(will be updated with the final version after May 17)

1. Abstract

Digital Puppet is a tangible stage interface that can be used to control marionettes without wires.

Marionettes are operated with the puppeteer by using a vertical or horizontal control bar in different forms of theatres or entertainment venues. Even though puppetry has a long history, it is hard to see the performance these days. One of the biggest reason is that it is hard to control.

Digital Puppet uses a wood cross bar which has a Wii Remote inside. It has same traditional interface by using vertical or horizontal control of the bar. Pinch the bar to control the puppet turn left or right, and roll the bar to control it’s jaw and head. It is (1)wireless, (2)remote, (3)easy to learn, and also (4)fun to play with.

traditional puppet

2. Video Sketch

3. How Digital Puppet works

Digital Puppet consists of 3 parts: 3-1. Wii-mote, 3-2. Darwiinremote with Processing, 3-3. Arduino with servo motor and sound sensor

3-1. Wii Remote: There is a Wii Remote inside the wood cross which is used as an input device. Wii Remote has the ability to sense acceleration along three axes through the use of an ADXL330 accelerometer. Also, Wii Remote can send data to MacBook by Bluetooth without any wires.

3-2. Darwiinremote with Processing: Darwiinremote is a free software which receives data from Wii Remote. It receives the acceleration data along three axes. And Processing is used to send the data to Arduino by serial port.

3-3. Arduino with servo motor and sound sensor: When Arduino receives data from Processing it controls two servo motors. Also, sound sensor connected to Arduino detects sounds(clapping hands or shouting “stop”) to turn on and turn off the movement of the puppet.

4. Schematic design diagram

schematic diagram

breadboard diagram

5. Codes

1) Arduino Code: DigitalPuppet_arduino

2) Processing code 1: DigitalPuppet_processing

3) Processing code 2: WiiController

6. Parts

1) wii remote controller ($33.54) – buy wii mote

2) sound sensor: RB-Hit-73($11.99) – buy sound sensor

3) roll servo motor: Hitec HS-85MG($30.99) – buy roll servo

4) pitch servo motor: Hitec HS-422($12.99) – buy pitch servo

5) Pan and Tilt Kit: RB-Lyn-77($9.95) – buy kit without servo

6) Arduino Duemilanove ($29.95) – buy Arduino

7) Processing (Free) – download Processing

8 ) Arduino (Free) – download Arduino

9) DarwiinRemote (Free) – download DarwiinRemote

10) wood cross controller ($3.95) – buy wood board at UC art store

11) water bottle ($7.99) – buy water bottle


~ by Cooper Sanghyun Yoo on May 12, 2010.

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