material update

Becoming an expert in LEDs? We’ve got more fun. The class is now moving on to explore more physical interactions.

We come up with a list of items that you might want start ordering, so that they reach you in time. Notice that you don’t have to buy everything…

  • Infrared Rangefinder (available here)
    You’ll see a whole lot of different Infrared Rangefinder (IR sensor) , the distance (and price) will lead you to your choice. Buy one connecter for each rangefinder will save you some trouble connecting it to your board, so don’t forget to get some.
  • DC motor / Gear motor (link)
    Voltage, torque, and speed are major considerations here.
  • Servo motor/ Mini servo / Nano servo (wikipedia link)
    Consider angle range, voltage, torque, and speed , when buying these.
  • Stepper motor (link)
  • Microphone (link)
  • Tri-color LED (link)
  • Button Battery
  • Tilt sensor
  • Conductive thread
  • Shape Memory Alloy (Greg Saul’s introduction)
  • Shift register
  • H Bridge
  • Meanwhile we’ll do our best providing the following

  • diode
  • TIP120 Transistor
  • wire
IR rangefinder
DC motor, stepper and servo
shift register
tip 120
H bridge

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