Below is a list of parts you will find necessary/helpful during the class. Each is listed with suggested suppliers, to give you a sense of what they are like, in case you’re not familiar with them. However, you’ll find it cheaper to get most parts shipped once from one supplier. A list of suppliers are listed under the Suppliers tab.



total: around $46


  • 1x  Arduino starter pack (buy)

total: $65.00

You may also want

  • 9V battery clip with 2.1mm plug (from 1)
  • Solderless breadboards (from 1)
  • Soldering iron, and solder
  • Desoldering pump
  • Wire stripper
  • Diagonal cutter
  • Needle-nose pliers

We will supply

  • resistors ( 220ohm, 1k, 10k )
  • leds to get you started ( a few)
  • transistors (TIP120’s)
  • jumper wire (22 gauge)

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