Final Project Documentation – part 1 (what i have so far) [James Z.}

this is what i have so far for documentation. i have lots and lots of video clips to sort through and photos to choose.

this is a rough version of the beginning of a comprehensive video tutorial im making to show how i made the graphite and rubber cement resistors. im going to try to put everything i learned through the incredibly long experimentation process so that someone can watch it and learn from it, and choose the best form of resistor that would best suit their needs without having to struggle through endless tests

im also going to put in photos of the constructing process for my final project, and the video of my final project functioning.

hooking the conductive thread and pulling it through the hole to connect it to the circuit below.

one issue im having is that the variable resistors  are not sensitive enough to respond as well to changes in the bend of the wire. when the wire bends, the resistor attached  to the wire will change resistance accordingly. however, the bend needed has to be less of a smooth radial curve and more of a bend that meets at an angle. i have been unable find a way to make the bend for my project be more sharp and angled. while the LEDs in my project to react to bends in the wire, the shifts in the resistance are not as dramatic as i had hoped.


~ by jzulkie on May 13, 2010.

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