turn project : CUPAD [LU-YU HUANG]


It’s a 16×16 cup matrix drumpad. Instead using your finger. The sound will float out from the cup when you lift it from the pad. When you place it back. It stops. For more, the sound is synchronized. By playing around the cups. You can created your on music. It’s a new way to create music. This device using the techniques of physical computing. It gives a physical input for the device and generate another physical feedback from the device. By playing with this device. I can create a new experience for the user. Hopefully it can inspire them to think about the new possible for the miscellaneous from their daily life.
I’m always curious about the sound. It’s such a beautiful thing. For me, I feel it’s so interesting how people describe a sound. Because sound is invisible. But people using a very visual way to describe it, such as “color,” “bright” and “heavy” etc. Consequently, I have a idea. Since everyone keeping using the words for visual to describe sound, why not just give the sound a really physical behavior. I decided to create a device to represent the sound in a very physical, hands on way. The user can really experience they sound by playing it. Than, I’m looking for something as the metaphor for the design. I figure out the water is really similar to the sound. First, when water floating, it generates the sounds. Still water is silent. Just like sound. Sound only alive when it has been played. It will be silent when the sound stop. Based on this point. I decide to use water as the metaphor for my design. Water can be carried in a container such as a bottle, a bowl or a cup. For me, the cup is more flexible and the size of the cup also perfect for some hands on movement. So the user can really play around with the cup rather than a bottle.
Technical Statement
How dose the device work? I design a custom made copper adapters and mount them on the pad. I also rip the cups with a tiny copper tape. So each adapter will be pared with a cup and turn into a set of switch. I using arduino as a micro controller for the device. Arduino reads the currency comes from all switches. It can recognize which position has not place a cup. By using the script I wrote under the arduino IDE. It will send midi notes via the serial port to a midi to USB adapter.For the installation of the device. Just simply plug the USB cord from the midi to usb adaptor to the laptop than lunch the audio software. The cupad will trigger the software and play the audio clips.
Arduino Sketch

Sketch: 01:no array
Sketch: 02: using array


DEMO & Pictures

~ by Lu-Yu Huang on May 12, 2010.

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