Sam Lavery and Dmitriy Yakubov Final Project: One Nightstand

There are only two defining interests that unite all students at Carnegie Mellon University. Sex and Robots.
The One Nighstand combines these two things in the form of an interactive seduction cabinet. When “put in the mood,” the One Nighstand will help stimulate any situation, transforming a chance encounter into a steamy state of affairs.

The One Nighstand can be used either as a serious product or as a practical joke. The possibilities are endless. Ages 18 and up.

How it works

The One Nightstand has a dormant state and an “active” state. The user triggers the state of the cabinet by opening the bottom drawer (the drawer acts as a simple switch). This reveals an ice box with drink and a disco rod (mirrors on a rod with a led shining on it) powered by a dc motor. Once the bottom drawer has been opened, the switch is in an open position and the disco rod will begin spinning. In addition, a servo motor flips the top of the cabinet, revealing two glasses held with magnets to the underside of the top. The wave shield is activated and mood-enhancing music is pumped into the room.

The Circuit

circuit diagram does not include wave shield. wave shield is attached to the board by pins and has a 1/8 audio jack output to speakers.

The Code

Final Sketch: finalSketch


  • cabinet
  • arduino duemilinove
  • waveshield (
  • servo motor
  • dc motor
  • speakers
  • 8 magnets
  • polyurethane glasses
  • disco rod (cardboard tube with glued on CD pieces)
  • ice box and drink
  • additional paraphernalia

Note: There is no video of the One Nightstand functioning because, on presentation day, a curious observer got a little too “intimate” with the cabinet and managed to break the servo motor. The production model will have to be more robust.


~ by samlavery on May 12, 2010.

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