Leto’s Final Project: Jane the Alarm Chaire


work long hours in a comfortable chair knowing someone else is reminding you to sit up and stay awake

How it works:

Jane is equipped with a pressure sensor in the seat, an IR distance sensor on the back of the chair, a buzzer, a motor under the seat, and an LED face.  She can sense when someone is sitting and how someone is sitting. If she senses that the user is slouching too far forward or too far backward she lets them know by sounding her displeasure using the buzzer, showing her displeasure with her face, and if the beeping hasn’t convinced the user to sit up straight Jane shakes them up using the motor under the seat.



The Circuit:

The Code:
Arduino Sketch: finalchaircode


1 Chair

1 pressure sensor (went through 2)

1 strong dc motor (went through 3)

Strong wood/MDF box with screws to contain motor under chair

1 IR distance sensor

1 piezo buzzer (went through 3)

LEDs, 2x green, 5x yellow, 5x blue

1 large bread board and 1 small





diode and tip 120 for the motor circuit

always have electrical and duct tape handy!


~ by Leto on May 11, 2010.

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