Final Project

The Interactive Diorama is designed to be used with toys. The diorama provides a series of traps which can be used against characters to create any sort of story. Pushbuttons and sensors control the activation of the motors which are used in the traps.

The diorama is specifically designed to be used with 8″ scale figures, however, it should work with any kind of figures. This makes the diorama ideal for both children and collectors.

The idea behind this project came from a desire to, in some way, make toys and actions figures more interactive; to create a way to compliment the imagination of people playing with the toys. By making an interactive playing field, I hoped to help people find a way to create imaginative stories with their toys. I also needed to provide the players with enough flexibility to make their own stories each times. The result was to create a playing field that was large enough to allow a large collection of figures, and incorporated the various traps i devised. This system allows people to use their toys on their own, and, when called for, use one of the interactive traps.

Photos and Circuit Diagram:

Code: final_project_2

Spray Paint
Green/Red dual color LEDs (48 used)
DC gear motor
DC motor
DC vibration motor

Additional notes:
I could never get the explosion motor to work, at best the light would turn on. This is most likely because the motor was not powerful enough to move the weight. In fact, the power of the motors was an issue for most of the project. In the future, I would get more powerful motors.
Resetting the trap door after every use was difficult and time consuming. If I had the opportunity, I would have replaced the motor set up with a solenoid. This would work as a pin for the trap door, and make it easier to reset.


~ by Gates Winkler on May 10, 2010.

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