“Energy Shake” Final Project {Becca Yasner}

“Energy Shake”

Charge your muscles and your music!

What is it?

  • “Energy Shake” is a device that powers your mp3 player when shaken

Why did I make it?

  • To create a new “green” technology that reduces charging needs, as well as an incentive to get people movin’!

Who is it for?

  • Anyone who likes music, and doesn’t mind using a little elbow grease to hear it!

How does it work?

  • A magnet inside the “Energy Shake” moves between copper coils, generating electricity that is stored in a capacitor. This capacitor is what powers the mp3 player.

The idea for “Energy Shake” came from the combined need for new green innovation and the need for a fun, interactive incentive for people to get moving.

“Energy Shake” serves three main functions: ‘green’ renewable electricity generation, a musical incentive to movement, and entertainment. By converting body movement into electricity, “Energy Shake” saves the user energy and time spent charging his or her mp3 player, and also forces the wearer to shake the “Energy Shake”  if he or she wants to listen to music.

Instructions for building “Energy Shake”:

Purchase two “Night Star CS2 Renewable Energy Flashlight” (I got mine from REI), an Ativa MobilT mp3 player, headphones, and wires.

Cut open two “Night Star” flashlight and remove the clear center piece shown below.

Remove the LED from the flashlight circuit and permanently wire the switch to ‘on’ (black wire on circuit shown below). Then attach wires to the power and ground of the flashlight circuit.

Open up the mp3 player to remove the battery, then connect the power and ground wires to the mp3 player circut. Cover up the circuit board on the flashlight with electric tape.  Close up the mp3 player, get shaking, and you’re ready to rock!

Night Star CS2 Renewable Energy Flashlight

Inside the Night Star CS2 Renewable Energy Flashlight




Inside the "Energy Shake"

"Energy Shake"

Outside Mp3 Player

Circuit Diagram


~ by beccayasner on April 30, 2010.

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