05 mini-project: Wet-garden [Mina Yoo]

1. Abstract

Wet-garden is an interactive flower garden and an ambient  indoor sculpture. When people walk around it, it changes  motion and LED blinking speed. Wet-design is designed for every people who want a tangible interaction object and an interesting indoor environment .

2. Video Sketch

3. How [Wet-garden] works

Wet-garden  is controlled by Arduino board with IR range sensor, H-bridge, 2 DC motor, 8 blue LED, and 3 red LED. First, IR range sensor detects distance and according to that numbers, the speed of DC motors and LEDs are changed.

4. Schematic circuit diagram

5. Codes
Arduino Sketch: MiniProject_Flower

6. Parts

– DC motor: Solarbotics Brushed DC Pager Motor (RPM2),

– H-bridge: from Code lab

– Arduino Duemilanove :

– Breadboard: 400 Tie Point Interlocking Solderless Breadboard

– LED: SFE Super Bright LED – Blue 10mm

– Wood board: from local shop

– Wire: Elenco 25′ #22 Gauge Black Hook-Up Wire

– IR sensor: SFE Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F Long Range Infrared Proximity

7. What I couldn’t accomplish here

– Originally, I wanted to make a mechanical gear movement more dramatically. But, I couldn’t make it. This is what I intended at the beginning of  production.


~ by Mina Yoo on April 22, 2010.

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