Need Advice!

So instead of having my No-Sleep-Work-Chair shake I’m trying to get it to deliver an electric shock when the person sitting slouches a lot or falls asleep.

I know of disposable cameras that take a AA battery and use a capacitor to deliver a pretty strong electric shock, but even that’s too strong for my purposes I think. I don’t want to use power from the wall along with a transformer because that could get too dangerous. Ideally I could use a 9v battery and either a capacitor or a transformer to deliver a powerful enough shock to startle the person sitting in the chair without hurting or burning them. It takes approximately 40v to feel a shock through dry skin-but people sitting in the chair will be aware of the shocking potential so I’m going to assume they’re sweating a little bit.

There’s even a game which socks people using only 3 AAA batteries so I know it can be done safely, I just don’t know how.

Does anyone have any advice on the matter?

I’d like to ask around as much as possible before I start testing things on myself. 🙂

Thank you!



~ by Leto on April 21, 2010.

One Response to “Need Advice!”

  1. Those electric lighters (ones w/out a flint/wheel) will shock you if you take them apart and use the little generator. Guess that’s mechanical though. There are joke lighters you might be able to find in PGH that shock you.

    In Golan’s class someone was shocking themselves with a dog collar. I didn’t really get it, but I guess that’s an option.

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