Final Project: The Power Dribble {Becca Yasner}

The Power Dribble

Power Dribble

Power Dribble alternate view

The idea for the Power Dribble came from the combined need for new green innovation and the need for a fun, interactive incentive to practice basketball-dribbling skills.

The Power Dribble serves three main functions: ‘green’ renewable electricity generation, a musical incentive to practice dribbling, and entertainment. By converting the linear wrist motion of dribbling a basketball into electricity, the dribbler saves the user energy and time spent charging his or her mp3 player, and also forces the wearer to dribble if he or she wants to listen to music. The Power Dribble can also be outfit for other sports such as track and baseball.


Mp3 Player

Ativa® MobilIT™ 2GB Clip-Style MP3 Player

Wires (to connect wristband and power converter to mp3 player)

Shake Flashlight or wind up flashlight

"Shake Lite"

Dynamo Illuminator Wind-up LED Flashlight



How To:

I plan to hack either the “Shake Lite” or the wind-up flashlight and connect it to the mp3 player. Then I’ll attach the shake generator to a sports wristband, such that it will be able to withstand the motion of dribbling and also be able to generate electricity through moving the magnet in the generator.

Guts of the "Shake Lite"

"Shake Lite" capacitor


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