Brett’s Final Project (attempt 1)

I had an idea to create a system w/ multiple cameras (4 to 8 ) that surrounded a “user” and took pictures at varying exposure lengths, then projected those pictures on a nearby screen. After looking at things a bit though, I think getting image input from multiple cameras to computer AND being able to adjust exposure time may not be feasible. After a few hours of searching I haven’t found anything online on how to do this.

  • 4 to 8 cheap cameras (see gifs)
  • cmos camera?
  • cheap usb cameras (hackable?)
  • ???
  • potentiometers control (w/ visible status on LED grid)
  • ____ image change speed
  • ____exposure time
  • ____ light level in area
  • computer required, but can be hidden from “users”
  • did some reading on adjusting exposure time.. seems like a big pain, possibly too hard
  • ____
  • did quite a bit of research.. feasible?!?
  • easier alternative = single canon cam w/ CHDK running and control interface w/ autohotkey or similar
  • ____basically an interactive setup to play around w/ light painting

Created a couple of GIFs of what having 6 or 8 cameras around an area might look like. These are kind of tight b/c I think a radius of 6′ or so would create more room for fun movement.

LINKS to animated GIFs b/c I can’t insert them:


~ by Brett Holcomb on April 8, 2010.

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