07.Project Proposal_Patterning Cube Set [Mina Yoo]

Patterning Cube


When I play Farmville, the most entertaining part for me is making patterns with my crops. I realize that people love to make shape and pattern or breaking pattern whenever they could because an image in order makes people satisfy.  Therefore, I want to create a cube set which is very flexibly used as a pattern materials on board. Also there is interesting interaction on both tangible cube and screen when they accomplish their own pattern, so it helps to enhance their satisfaction.

Idea Sketch:

How to build:

Patterning Cube will be made of wood cube and board, I will use laser cutting to make a cube and board.

Also Arduino will control whole board, and when cubes connect to board, that makes electronic circuit to control LED or motor inside of cube.

Arduino also interacts with processing program on computer,  so user would see what kind of pattern they are making.


~ by Mina Yoo on April 8, 2010.

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