07. Project Proposal [Michael Lin]


Name – TBD

I’ll be creating a mechanism that would help people take care of their potted plants.  This include creating a solar tracking system that would point the plant towards the sunlight, a moisture sensor to alert the caretaker to water the plant, and a temperature sensor to warn the caretaker that the plant is in excessive heat.  By providing the caretaker with various health indicators of the plant as well as automating some care taking tasks, I hope to promote a more responsible and greener environment.


– Servos
– Temperature sensor
– Moisture sensor (if available)
– Photocells
– LEDs or some type of display output to alert the caretaker
– Potted plant

Hope to Learn

– How to use photocells and servos with programming algorithms that results in solar tracking
– How to create a structure to hold the potted plant and point it towards sunlight
– How to effectively translate sensor values to a warning system
– How to communicate input data values from the arduino to the computer, triggering applications and use those data with a purpose.

– Build the sensor and warning system to gauge the health of the plant

– Build solar tracker to help point the plant towards sunlight with the proposed sensors and warning system

– Build all of the above but also connect the health indicators to an online version so the caretaker can track their plants through the internet.


~ by Michael Lin on April 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “07. Project Proposal [Michael Lin]”

  1. Consider excessive cold as well as that seems to be a bigger problem here in Pittsburgh.

  2. Good point!

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