07. Project Proposal [Albert Chong]

Alarm Clock


College students always have trouble waking up for their morning classes. Typical alarm clocks are not always enough to wake someone up. The mattress alarm clock will set off its pager motors and sound output to wake someone up like a typical alarm clock. This is not the end however. It will only turn off when you get out of your bed, and if you chose to get back on your bed, the pressure sensors will recognize that you are not fully awake and set off its alarm again.

An alternative idea is the Draw-A-Cube Alarm clock. Design students start off their education by drawing countless number of cubes in perspective. The Draw-A-Cube alarm clock will force you to practice every morning by drawing a cube on the alarm clock. If your cube does not match a certain percentile of what a cube in perspective  should look like, the alarm will never turn off and you will be forced to go to class to learn how to draw cubes.



LCD, Switches, Pressure Sensor, Pager Motors, Speakers

Skills I will need to acquire.

How to program an alarm clock on the arduino

How to make sound with the arduino

How to use pressure sensors and pager motors


~ by Albert Chong on April 8, 2010.

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