07. Final Project Proposals – Navi [Jacky Yip]

1. abstract

Navi is a tiny robot that helps you navigate through the world. Hold it on the palm of your hand and Navi will tell you which way is North by pointing its head. When you don’t need its help for directions, you can play around with it using a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck. Navi makes for a great compass and a toy.

2. schematic sketch drawings

The way Navi works is that it has two servos making up its body: one for rotating its torso, and one for rotating its neck.

easy version

The Navi and its two servos are controlled by a Nintendo Wii Nunchuck, which has a built-in 3-axis accelerometer. An axis on the Nunchuck is mapped to a servo on Navi.

medium version

A digital compass controls the torso servo to point Navi in the right direction. A tilt sensor controls the neck servo to keep Navi’s head levelled with the ground.

hard version

A GPS module is used in conjunction with a digital compass and tilt sensor to provide navigation.

3. references

Arduino + Nunchuck + Pan&Tilt Camera was a project by Andrea Salvatore of IdeaVirus to develop a remote interface to control a pan & tilt mechanism. The demo was made using an Arduino (microcontroller) to process data from the accelerometer from a Wii Nunchuck.

4. parts

2 servos

1 Nintendo Wii Nunchuck

1 Nunchuck breakout adapter

digital compass module

1 tilt sensor

1 GPS module (for hard version)

5. new skills or knowledge

  • using new and complex sensors (accelerometer, digital compass, GPS)
  • interfacing with a serial connection on the Nunchuck
  • translating compass and tilt data to the correct angles for the servos

~ by Jacky Yip on April 8, 2010.

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