Leto’s Final Project


The Work Chair and Lamp

1. Afraid that sitting in a comfortable chair will allow you to fall asleep while working? Sit on the Work Chair and it’ll make sure you stay awake and that you have enough light to work. The chair can tell when you’ve started to doze off and you’re not keeping to the task at hand and it will shake you up and flash some lights to make sure you wake back up and get working. A pressure sensor, a motion sensor, and a light sensor work together to analyze your working conditions and state of your body to know when to shake you up a little and give you more or less light. It’ll shake you discretely so you can wake up and go on without disturbing anyone around you.


The circuit:

The Software will do this:

If no pressure is sensed for longer than ___ time, shake the chair to grab attention.

If pressure is sensed on the chair start evaluating how much motion and light there is.

If while someone is sitting on it there is not enough light, turn on the light.

If while someone is sitting on it they are not moving, shake the chair and flash the light until ___ amount of motion is detected- meaning they woke up.

If while someone is sitting on it they are moving, evaluate the light conditions.

3. Materials List:




-Pressure Sensor

-Motion Sensor

-Light Sensor

-Oscillator/Strong servo motor

4.  Skills I will need to attain:

How to take data from a pressure, motion, and light sensor and use averages and exclude hiccups to make the data smoother. How to work with an outlet as an external power source, hook up a lamp and a powerful enough oscillator to shake the chair. How to make a durable circuit that will allow for the motion of the chair when used.


~ by Leto on April 6, 2010.

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