Final Project Proposal [James Liu]

I have been working with the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum as part of my Graduate Thesis Project. I am very interested in how social play can be encouraged not only between other children, but also between children and their parents. So often in the museum we see parents not participating or even restricting the play of kids—this is something I want to address with the following installation:

Proposal: Life in your hands!

I want to create a simple “simon” like game where the objective is to score hirer points. Imagine two rows pressure or matswitch—each capable of being individually lit—where multiple players must follow a pattern in order to score points. The game starts out with only two players, but as the game progress, multiple pads will be lit and thus encouraging spectators to join in. The game will increase in speed and number of lit pads.

Schematic sketch drawings:


Parts, components, and materials you’ll need to acquire.

To create 8 independent pads I need the following equipment:

Skills or knowledge you will need to acquire

  • Constructing my own Floor Mat Switch
  • Arduino to and from Processing
  • Firing properly timed sequences

Things I want to Learn

I want to run a prototype evaluation session at the Children’s Museum where this installation will go through some testing and feedback. I am very interested in observing how the children react to the need for more participants; they could possibly ask their parents to join or observing children could possibly just jump in. After getting the feedback from the Children’s Museum, I will refine my design to incorporate new design elements.


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One Response to “Final Project Proposal [James Liu]”

  1. Check this one out. a bit similar to your proposal..

    at about 1:30, a game where players jump on translucent LED boxes.

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