07 Sam Lavery and Dmitriy Yakubov’s Project Proposal


We believe that there are only two defining interests that unite all students at Carnegie Mellon University. Sex and Robots.
Our project aims to combine these two things in the form of an interactive seduction cabinet. When “put in the mood,” our cabinet will help stimulate any situation, transforming a chance encounter into a steamy state of affairs.

How does it work?

Our device will interact with the user when triggered . The top of the cabinet will flip over, revealing two glasses and a lit candle. A lower drawer will open, presenting an ice box containing the user’s choice of drink. Speakers mounted on the side will pump ambient music (Barry White) into the room. In case of an interruption, there will be an easily accessible kill switch that will automatically return the device to its dormant state.



high torque servo

high torque DC motor




PC power supply

MP3 player


Skills to Acquire:

How to use Arduino to control MP3 player/play music

How to use external power

How to laser-cut gears


~ by samlavery on April 6, 2010.

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