07. Project Proposal: CopyCat [Molly Samuels]


The CopyCat will be a simple desk pet that’s there when you need a distraction from working. Or encouragement. Or just something cute to play with. The CopyCat will respond to taps on your desk by tapping back. If you tap twice, it will tap twice. If you tap three times… etc

Wind up toys we played with in class
Yellow Drum Machine robot
Knock detecting tutorial
Kikkerland wind-up toys
Muscle wire sleeping box

DC motor (or stepper motor)
H bridge
Piezo element (to detect knocking) or electret microphone
Various paperclips/wood/yarn/paper? to make toy out of

Detecting sound with arduino
“tapping” mechanics


~ by mollysamuels on April 6, 2010.

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