05. Mini-Project Working Demo & Documentation [Meg Davis]


The 3D Spin Art machine lets the user make forms out of hot glue.  The machine lets the user control the speed and direction at which the bottom plate turns.  The machine also automatically pulls the glue gun trigger above so that hot glue can fall on the bottom rotating plate.

Video Sketch

Demo Video

Overall Design



1 2’x4′ piece of wood

1 scrap piece plywood

1 glue gun (Superbonder cordless glue gun)

1 wooden egg from craft store

3/4” screws

1/2” screws

electric drill


1 Arduino Nano

1 potentiometer

1 switch

2 resistors: 220 Ohms each

1 TIP120 NPN transistor

1 H-Bridge L293NE

1 Tamiya High Power Gear Box

1 Edmund Scientific high-torque motor

1 laptop power supply

4 AA batteries

Circuit Diagram

How it works


This controls the speed of the bottom plate’s motor.

Switch & 2 Resistors

These work in tandem to control whether the bottom plate is rotating clockwise or counterclockwise.

TIP120 NPN transistor

This serves to PWM the bottom plate motor through the H-Bridge.

H-Bridge L293NE

The H-Bridge allows the circuit to control the direction of the bottom plate motor.

1 laptop power supply

This powers the second motor that turns the cam.  This in turn pushes the glue gun trigger.

4 AA batteries

These batteries power the bottom plate motor, the Arduino, and the H-Bridge.




My biggest challenge was constructing the cam.  There were several variables involved that determined how powerful the DC motor needed to be to push the trigger, and I was not sure how to even choose a good DC motor.  I had to buy a high-torque motor in the end.  In the future, I would try to use a servo for a high-torque situation instead of a DC motor.


~ by megd on April 6, 2010.

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