using EL wire (from Yingdan Huang)

Yingdan Huang has been playing with Using EL (ElectroLuminescent) wire.

Here’s what she says …

I also worked it out without Sparkfun Escudo, while following the similar circuit using triac. Escudo makes it easier, but the Arduino code that Sparkfun gives doesn’t work – I attached my working code here.

Below are stuff I purchased:

1)      EL Escudo (A sequencer and an Arduino shield)

2)      Jumper wire for EL Escudo (need 10 if you plan to make full of the EL Escudo since it has 10 jacks)

3)      3-5V Inverter (only need 1 if you won’t kill it):

4)      2.5mm EL wires:

5)      Triac (only needed if you don’t use EL Escudo or other ready-made sequencers. The units depends on how many EL wires you need for your project. There are some discussions online and it seems to me opto-isolaters should be considered. But Triac works for me and I am kind of running out of time for playing this.):

Here is a nice video showing how to prepare an EL wire for use:

I found the DC ground and the AC ground should be connected – it is the last bug that I caught.

Don’t touch the AC ends! It is ~125V. I got ~10 shocks and felt quite shocking. So solder the ends safely and then play with a wire.


~ by mdgross on April 5, 2010.

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