05 mini-project: The Ghost [Sanghyun Yoo]

1. Abstract

The Ghost is an interactive installation toy with very simple interaction that any naïve user can enjoy.  The Ghost can be installed in the hall way or in a restroom.  When the user notice the strange movement of the character he/she will get closer to look which will suddenly stop the movement.
I first came up with the idea from the restroom in ETC which is designed with Super Mario Bros characters.  In this old game, whenever Mario looks at the ghost(his name is Boo) it stops moving, but when he turns back the ghost starts to follow him.  The Ghost reminds people with their favorite game.  Also provides humor in an unexpected place.

2. Video Sketch

3. How ‘The Ghost’ works

(1) The user is far from the IR sensor :

– DC motor with weight starts to rotate, and The Ghost keeps rockig

– two LED on the eye starts blinking

(2) The user is near the IR sensor :

– DC motor and LED stops

– Buzzer keep making noise to tell The Ghost is still working

4. Schematic design diagram

5. Codes

The Ghost Code : Arduino Sketch

6. Parts

< from Robotshop.com >

– Arduino (Duemilanove)

– Breadboard(400 Tie Point Interlocking Solderless)

– Transistor (TIPS-120)

– Infrared Rangefinder (SFE Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F)

– Gear motor (Solarbotics GM3 – Gear Motor 3)

– Piezo Buzzer (Piezo Element 1500-3000Hz, Model: 273-073 )

– LED * 2

< from Lowe’s >

– Wood board
– PVC Pipe * 2
– Polyester color sheet
– Zebra cotton


~ by Cooper Sanghyun Yoo on March 31, 2010.

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