Styrene Bender [James Z.]

Arduino Sketch: Final


– 1 arduino

2 arduinos

THREE Arduinos

– 1 Servo motor

– 2 DC Motors

– 1 heat gun

– 3 battery external power supply (for servo)

– 4 battery external power supply for (for DC)

– 12-15V external power supply from transformer plugged into wall outlet (for DC that moves the heat gun)

– 1 TIP 120

– Potentiometer

– IR sensor

– Switch

– H-Bridge

– Resistors (1x 220Ohm, 1x 1000Ohm, 1x 10,000Ohm)

How it works:

Pressing a button feeds the styrene into the machine by a DC motor driving a roller scavenged from an old printer (Picture 1). Then, an IR sensor (Picture 2) senses motion an activates the DC Motor that moves the heat gun side to side on a belt drive (both from a printer as well) (Picture 3). The bending device is controlled by a servo connected through a gear to brass tubing (Picture 4).


~ by jzulkie on March 30, 2010.

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