Experiments With Alcohol Sensors

I have already experimented with all of the “pick two” ideas, so I decided to mess around with this cheap alcohol sensor I ordered from Sparkfun. Sorry about the blurry video!

The sensor is the MQ-3 Alcohol Gas Sensor
I also bought the Sparkfun Gas Sensor Breakout Board

This is how I hooked it up.

The Ruby code:

The C code:

I used SimpleSynth, some freeware MIDI software for Mac, to turn the midi signals into sounds.

I picked the ‘explosion’ synth from Apple’s MIDI bay because it lessened some of the technical issues with my setup. Since my MIDI program couldn’t keep up with the frequency of signals being sent over the wire the notes came out in bursts. The explosion instrument sounds interesting even with these limitations.

I could imagine this having some cool applications in bars—a user-input device that only drunk people can use would be pretty lol.


~ by Max Hawkins on March 30, 2010.

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