05.2 and 05.3 Mini Project Final [Luci Laffitte]

The Goal:

To create a machine using an arduino to control motors run on external power with an input.

My Idea:

To create a motion recording lamp shade. One dc motor would control the rotation of the lamp shade. One dc motor would control the linear up-down motion of the recording marker. One LED would light up the lamp from the inside. An infrared range-finding sensor would read the motion approaching the device. This reading would be used as an input for the motor speed and LED brightness.

The Structure and Mechanisms:

The lamp shade was created out a translucent material (which was able to be drawn on with sharpie) and cardboard circles. A hole was cut in the center of the cardboard so the motor shaft could fit in and allow rotation. The shade and motor were placed at the top of a stabelized dowel.

The markers were placed on top of a piston and motor. The piston was created to convert the rotary motion of the dc motor to linear vertical motion.

The LED was attached to the base of the lamp shade dowel.

The Code:

Arduino Sketch: MiniProject3:


The Final:


What I learned:

– how to control dc motors using TIP120 pins

– how to run a motor on external power

– how to use an IR sensor as input


~ by lucilaffitte on March 24, 2010.

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