mid-term grades posted

Mid-term grades for the course have been posted.   The grading scheme is simple.   I ignored the ‘vision video’ assignment for this grade (because it was done in pairs, and not everyone posted it individually.)   That leaves five other assignments to date: 01, 03, 04, 05.1, and 05.2.   No one posted all five, however, so the grades are assigned as follows:  If you posted 4 assignments, I recorded “A”; if you posted 3, “B”; if you posted only 2, I recorded “C”.     Needless to say, these are ‘only’ mid-term grades; their purpose is to help you assess your status in the course.  And, as I said in class, these grades only reflect whether you’ve posted the assignment; not the quality of your work or documentation.   In the second half of the course, and especially in the term project, quality of work and documentation becomes much more important.   By no means is your final grade tied to this mid-term report.   However: in the past, the completeness of postings at mid-term has been a fair predictor of end-of-semester outcomes.


~ by mdgross on March 7, 2010.

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