05.1. mini-project sketches – Burpee Coach

A burpee is a great exercise for strength training and conditioning. The burpee coach does the exercise with you, at an adjustable pace yourself and ultimately suceed in your workout!

I use a a potentiometer to adjust the speed of a 6-spoked Geneva Stop that displays the burpee coach figurine in pregressive steps of the exercise.

I’ll use cardboard to make the geneva stop and coach figure.  I’ll use a potentiometer as sensor input and a DC motor to turn the mechanism.


~ by katylinn on March 3, 2010.

One Response to “05.1. mini-project sketches – Burpee Coach”

  1. It’s great that you come up with a story with it.

    One random thought – if you go buy, say, six wood figures in the art store, you now allow others to play with it and make their own simulation. Although before you go too far, play with the frame number and frame rate and make sure the mechanism works for this purpose.

    also… remember to categorize your post:]

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