misa digital guitar

from designboom

the misa digital guitar is the creation of the sydney-based, misi digital, allowing users to play guitar on
a multitouch display. the guitar has buttons for every string at every fret and a large display on the body
which shows the user’s actions in a heat-map like pattern. the guitar is all digital transferring the player’s
physical actions into digital sounds. the guitar is still in the prototype phase and may soon be available.



~ by xuujia on February 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “misa digital guitar”

  1. I think this is pretty sweet. It’s basically a guitar-like interface for a synthesize, right? Plus the shape/placement of the buttons seems to correspond well to pressing the strings between frets. Even though I only play guitar very poorly, I’d still like to interact with it and see what it feels like.

    It’s a prototype, but I still wish it looked less like a wii accessory.

  2. wii accessory is an excellent comment, Brett 😀

    i don’t play instrument… but this one looks like it’ll hurt my figure hitting a touch screen…

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