A few things

  1. Tuesday class is canceled due to the weather.
  2. Instead, KJ and Cheng can have one-on-one meeting with you during class hours, if you have problem with homework.
  3. Homework 3. switch and blink are still due Tuesday Feb 09 11:59pm.
  4. When uploading your code in the future, use the uploader (you can link to it from the right column on the main page), which will give you some html that you can use to refer to your code in the blog post.

    • Once you upload your code, copy the links to your code, which looks like this

      Arduino Sketch: <a title=”Arduino Sketch: ChrisI_switchtoggle1″ href=”; target=”_blank”>ChrisI_switchtoggle1</a>

    • In the editing interface for your homework post, click HTML tab in the upper right corner.
    • paste links in to the editing area
    • if you click on Visual tab now, the link will show up like this. (Thanks Chris!)
    • Arduino Sketch: ChrisI_switchtoggle1

    • go on and finish your post. don’t forget to categorize it!

~ by cheng on February 8, 2010.

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