03. switch & blink

due 9 feb, 23:59

This exercise has four (4) parts.

1. Design, build, and test a digital sensor (switch).  You may use this switch (or any other) in the following exercise.

2. Toggle: Build a circuit with one switch and two LEDs. Simpler version: The LEDs reflect the switch directly: if the switch is closed, the LEDs are on; if the switch is open; the LEDs are off.   More complex (“momentary switch”) version:  Each time you close the switch, the LED lights should all turn on (if they’re off) or off (if they’re on).

3. TwoToggle: Add a second switch to the circuit.  Now one switch turns the LEDs on, and the other turns the LEDs off.

4. FasterFlash: Reprogram your two switches/ two LED circuit.  Now make the two LEDs blink (for example, in unison).  One switch makes the LEDs blink faster; the other slows them down.

(feel free to also improvise other exercises with switches and LEDs)


~ by mdgross on January 30, 2010.

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