01. tangible examples [regina son]

Clocky the alarm clock

This is not an ordinary alarm clock. It will actually roll off your nightstand and “run” around until you find it and turn it off.  If you’re one of those people who continually press snooze until it’s too late, clocky will force you to get out of bed. When Clocky runs into a wall, it will be able to sense that and back up the other way. Clocky has robust wheels that will endure any drop or fall…so, if Clocky sits on top of your dresser or nightstand, it will roll off onto the floor without breaking the clock.

Tangible Interaction? you are in a sense playing hide and seek with this alarm clock in an effort to get yourself up. You have to manually turn it off if  you want it to stop beeping. It’s an interesting interaction since this thing is engaging you to go find it.  Though, it may get annoying after a while…it’ll just teach me to get up on the first alarm and pass on the snooze.

Who? Information provided by wikipedia.org
Clocky was invented by Gauri Nanda, an MIT graduate student at MIT Media Lab, for an industrial design class. The original prototype was built in three days and covered with a shag carpet to appear like a pet.

How it works: Clocky may be used as a regular alarm clock. However, after the second time the snooze button is pressed the device moves on its own power. A microprocessor ensures that the device will move at a random speed direction, and around obstacles, using a different route each time. Large wheels on shock absorber extend beyond the top of the clock to protect it from impact should it roll off a nightstand. By the time the alarm sounds again the device is in a place unknown to the user, who is forced to determine where it is, and possibly walk to that location to press the snooze button again.


~ by reginason on January 21, 2010.

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