01. Tangible Examples


WiiSpray is a project started by the Bauhaus University Media Department to provide graffiti in a digital form. Using the Wii and the WiiSpray controller, users are able to take street art into their homes without all the mess. WiiSpray imitates a spray paint can not only in size and appearance but in function as well. It recognizes pressure and distance accurately enabling the user to create realistic spray paint works. Users are able to change color and nozzles easily  in the interface allowing the users to complete their works easier and faster. WiiSpray also contains stencil applications to vary the type of works. WiiSpray is a successful and safer alternative to spray painting although it has its shortcomings. Works can only remain as a digital or print format and fail to provide texture or environmental effect that is important in graffiti. Nevertheless, WiiSpray is a growing project that has many possibilities for expansion and application.

Fuwapica Suite

Created by Mongoose Studio of Osaka University, Fuwapica Suite is a set of chairs and tables that change color according to the weight and position of the user. These pieces of furniture could be taken as simply beautiful or a little bit too much as it could inform people around you about your weight.


~ by Albert Chong on January 20, 2010.

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