01. Tangible Examples [Meg Davis]

Proverbial Wallet: Interface for Financial Awareness


What makes it great?

This wallet makes itself harder to open, expands and shrinks to show your account status, and vibrates when a bank account transaction happens.  I really enjoy that the wallet has a fun aspect to it while supporting the serious work of keeping up with your finances.  It is a subtle reminder throughout the day of a subject that most people avoid thinking about (money).

What makes it an example of tangible interaction?

Since the interaction is on the wallet itself, it is tightly coupled with the wallet.  The wallet interacts with the user and changes its shape to show a certain subtle meaning to the user.

How does it work?

For making it hard to open, a passive circuit is used.  The actual hinge itself is a motor that can be shorted by a microcontroller of sorts to make the resistance in the hinge higher.  For making the wallet grow and shrink, a servo is inserted into the middle of the wallet.  For making the wallet buzz, a bluetooth connection is used to find out about bank account transactions.  Then a vibrator motor is controlled.

whiSprial: a spiral-shaped shawl that carries whispers of your loved ones


What makes it great?

The emotional driver of this design really inspires me.  The electronic components are meant to enhance a person’s emotional response to a special item of clothing or a gift.  It is something that can have numerous combinations and meanings, ceasing to be interesting.  It augments existing human practices to pass items down as remembrances.

What makes it an example of tangible interaction?

This project embeds the voices of others in audio recordings into an emotionally-charged piece of clothing.  The design maps the physical comfort of a shawl to the comfort of voices of loved ones.

How does it work?

Audio-recording modules are embedded in the shawl so that others can record messages.  The shawl whispers these messages back as the shawl is wrapped around the body of the user.  These modules also can detect when a “wrapping” motion is happening based on sound and start the stored memory.


~ by megd on January 19, 2010.

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