01. tangible examples

1.  Remote Impact – Shadowboxing over a Distance”

What makes it great?
I like this example for two reasons.  First, I’m really interested in using fun as a motivator of good behavior.  This game is obviously fun, and it gets people up out of the office chair and engaged in something active and awesome.  Secondly, its an amazing remote bonding experience, which is pretty hard to accomplish.

What makes it an example of tangible interaction?
It is a full sensory experience.  Unlike wii boxing, you are hitting a tangible object.  They use sound, sight, and touch to create the interaction.

How do they work?
A projector/camera is placed behind the player.  The camera does image analysis to create an artistic rendering of the player’s shadow which is then projected on the other players screen.  Stretch sensors behind the screen measure the location and intensity of hits.  The surface supports multi-touch, so it can detect multiple hits at the same time.

2.  Skal – playful media player

What makes it great?
It replaces the all-too-ubiquitous push button interaction with a semantically relevant one.  Using semantic objects provides feed forward and also allows for the display of system status.

What makes it an example of tangible interaction?
Instead of using a push button remote, this interaction entails the use of physical objects that you touch, grasp, and manipulate.

How do they work?
An oak bowl contains a sensor and a connection to the media device.  When an object is placed in the bowl, the sensor detects which device and sends a signal to the media device based on the predetermined semantics of that object.


~ by katylinn on January 17, 2010.

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