01. Tangible Interaction Examples [Matt Morrill]

First I have found singing roads in Japan linked below.  The basic idea is that if you drive on the roads at a certain speed, rumble strips on the road play out a familiar tune.  I think this is really interesting because it encourages people to drive at a safe speed so that they can hear the song correctly.

Second, I have chosen the Microsoft Natal project.  Many people may have already seen this already, but it is a new project for the XBox 360 that uses cameras to allow users to interact with pretty much anything.  What I think is really interesting for discussion here is whether or not this is an example of tangible interaction.  You can tangibly interact with pretty much any object, and it becomes a virtual object.  However, you are not tangibly touching anything in the game.  Watch the video below to get an idea of what I mean.


~ by mmorrill on January 15, 2010.

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