01.tangible interaction [Molly Samuels]


The Hug Shirt is an interactive piece of clothing that allows you to send hugs from any distance. It was invented by CuteCircuit, a fashion company that focuses on interactive clothing. The Hug Shirt uses Bluetooth technology to send a message to the receiver’s cell phone, and then on to their Hug Shirt, as you would a text message. It records and sends many of the hugs characteristics, including heart rate, hug pressure, and skin temperature. While the idea is a bit corny, it’s cool to think about tangible interactions that take place over a large distance.


The Skal is a media player with a physical interface. Users place various objects (wooden blocks, toys, etc) into the wooden bowl. The bowl is attached to the user’s television. The various objects control what is playing on the TV screen with use of RFID technology. Skal was created as part of the Touch research project based in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. This is an interesting way of interacting with your media player. Many people find the multitudes of buttons on a DVD player or remote control intimidating. This interface is much simpler.


~ by mollysamuels on January 14, 2010.

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  1. See also the (2003) academic paper on this:
    The Hug: a new form for communication
    Proceedings of the 2003 conference on Designing for user experiences
    Francine Gemperle, Carl DiSalvo, Jodi Forlizzi, Willy Yonkers


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