01.tangible interaction [Sam Lavery]


The Noteput-Interactive music table is an interface that helps teach the classical notation of music to beginner students. This interface helps to speed up the learning process and also makes the task of learning notation more easy and fun. The Noteput accomplishes its objective through the utilization of all three senses of hearing, sight and touch. The user can change clefs and simply move notes onto the ledger lines in order to learn the locations of different notes. I like this device a lot because it is very elegant and simple, you forget the computer is even there. As someone who learned this skill the old fashion way, I have to say that the task of learning classical notation can be quite boring and confusing sometimes. I think this device would definitely be an improvement over the old methods that have been used to teach this skill. I wish they had this when I was learning notation!


This is an interactive touchless console designed by Miltisell and displayed in Abu Dhabi. It uses gesture recognition to control GIS and mapping information. This is a very cool and futuristic way of basically messing around with Google Earth. I think that the idea of interacting with a computer through gesture instead of touch is a really cool idea. This console is very intuitive and easy to use; it can even recognize multiple gestures. This form of interaction is much more human than the use of keyboards or a mouse or even a touchscreen. Although this looks like a very over-elaborate system from some far out Sci-Fi movie, I think that this method of interaction has a lot of potential and possible future uses.


~ by samlavery on January 14, 2010.

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