01.0 Tangible Interaction [Michelle Spitzer]

1. Light Beat by Tangible interaction

While perhaps not the most useful object on earth, this is an interesting project that seems to draw people in. By placing their hand on a sensor, the users heartbeat in used to create the beat of the light on a large inflatable balloon. The pulsing light is a representation of a persons heartbeat and displays what is otherwise a innately personal aspect of an individual. The project was created for the Illuminate Yaletown festival in Vancouver as a display. From the website, “Intellijel created the Heart Rate monitor sensor. No computers everything was running from an Arduino wirelessly connected to the Tangible Light Pixels inside the inflatables.” For the purposes of our class it could be interesting to work with the microcontrolers and their wireless capabilities.

Light Beat from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

2. atracBar by atracSys

This is perhaps an example of how touch interfaces could be integrated into the commercial realm. At the moment, it doesn’t seem to be particularly useful, but it is a novelty for an establishment and could create new aspects to going to a bar. When an object is put on the surface, specific information comes up, linked video or audio, or menus specific to the item on the surface. It is a slightly evolved multi touch surface that reacts not only to human interaction, but other objects as well. It was created by atracSys usign a video based movement tracking system, for objects, it uses a tracking tag on the bottom of a product (ie a glass) that allows the computer to tell what the item is and display the appropriate information.


~ by Michelle on January 14, 2010.

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