01.tangible interaction [James Z.]


I think it is an interesting example of how you can get various people willingly to participate in a group experience without actually being aware of it.  It is incredibly simple, due to the fat that the creator was worried that they robot would get destroyed. To her surprise, her little robot often made its way all the way to its goal, with the help of dozens of passersby.  The project is driven by human emotional responses, like empathy, to help the little lost robot find its way.

The Boid balls are a simple exercise in illumination by Klaas van der Molen. The balls, which vary in color, can adjust their brightness. The balls illuminate when near other balls, and can create complex patterns when grouped together. This gives it a social context, and the creator hopes Boid users will seek each other out to aid eachother in creating these complex patterns . They aren’t practical or important, but are simply an interesting example of interaction.


~ by jzulkie on January 14, 2010.

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