01 Tangible Examples (Ryan T Ralston)

An image can be projected onto any surface. Then infrared sensors detect touches on the surface to create an interactive projected touchscreen. The project was designed by ‘Light Blue Optics’ and creates a completely new physical connection between man and computer. Allowing the projection surface to have texture and form will inevitably be pushed in future designs, making for a really cool and new experience. The technology will be showcased at this years CES.

Designed by Silver PAC, the SilverSTAT 7 is a LCD touchscreen that provides retime data on household energy use (gas, water, electric). The system is also interconnected to the HVAC system to act as a thermostat for the entire house. The 7 day program allows users to customize not only air temperature but also domestic hot water. The system is very useful because it provides users with data to assess and make the best decisions to cut back on household energy use. There is an interesting flow of data from the unit to the user then user makes decisions and sends data back to the device to optimize household performance. The product could see improvement with the addition of an artificial intelligence system, which although making it less interactive would inevitably be worth a lot to homeowners.


~ by Ryan T Ralston on January 14, 2010.

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