01.tangible examples [Mina Yoo]

Digital Graffiti Wall

Digital Graffiti Wall + Stencils from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

Now, artists can digitally “paint” a surface in the same way they can tag a wall with traditional spray paint.

– Interesting idea catched from traditional graffiti interface.


Zygote Interactive Ball from Alex Beim on Vimeo.

The Zygote is currently being featured during the opening act of Sensation White, a series of the biggest electronic music festivals held around the world.  Twenty Zygotes are released upon a crowd of 40, 000 people, creating an unbelievable, interactive, “underwater” experience.  As the Zygotes bounce across the massive crowd, waves of excited movement are created throughout the whole venue.

– Suitable to the theme, electronic music festivals, pretty and cool.


~ by Mina Yoo on January 14, 2010.

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