01. Tangible Examples [Brett Holcomb]

infractor – interactive, collaborative multitouch application from siwamat on Vimeo.

This is an interactive multitouch application that basically makes something pretty. We’ve probably all seen quite a few large displays, but I think it’s worth revisiting in the context of this class because (A) it’s really pretty and (B) something like this could have practical applications.

I can imagine using it to control the flow of water or electricity from a utility plant, or to teach people about the behavior of light or maybe even something more physical that’s difficult to do in the real world (see which things float in a pool of mercury).


BeatSneaks – Musical Shoes from Tom Hobson on Vimeo.

Beat Sneaks is a proof of concept video for a wearable drum-kit-like device. I set in a room with Boris last semester as he was working on his drumkit pants, and these would have made an excellent companion garment.

These are (obviously) very cool, but I wonder how many people feel the need to take their drumkit with them everywhere. In the context of a mobile band this would be great, but I think your average musician might enjoy the aesthetics of the interaction with the real instrument too much to be eager to switch to BeatSneaks.


~ by Brett Holcomb on January 14, 2010.

2 Responses to “01. Tangible Examples [Brett Holcomb]”

  1. hey, how could you embed a video from vimeo? I tried copy the embed code in html. Did not works….. Could you share ur trick?

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