01.tangible examples [Luci Laffitte]

1. Fun Theory: Check out the interactive stairs and trash can!


What Makes Them Great: They encourage more positive behaviors by creative fun designs.

What makes them examples of tangible interaction? They make ordinary objects interactive (the trash-can makes a noise when someone throws away trash, and the stairs create sounds when someone steps on the surface)

How Do They Work: They use electronic sensors that trigger speakers.

2. Interactive stuffed animals/toys: They love you back!


3. The Winston Churchill Museum in London: It may be hard to tell from the links, but all the information in the museum is presented through a variety of very interesting and interactive formats.




What Makes Them Great: The interactive nature  and unique qualities of the exhibits make the material more interesting and fun to learn about.

What makes them examples of tangible interaction? The exhibits involve human and computer interactions. One part, the interactive timeline, allows visitors to scroll through a digital archive of churchill’s life on a large touch-screen surface.

How Do They Work:

The timeline uses a digital touch-screen.

4. Ned Kahn:
He does a lot of interesting large scale installations, sculptures, and public works that incorporate natural processes and interaction design.


~ by lucilaffitte on January 13, 2010.

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