01.tangible examples


“Madusae Nilfisk”

Created by: Thomas Joergensen, Nicolas Padfield, Mads Hoebye and Schack Lindemann

Why? It was commissioned in 2007 by the Roskilde Music Festival (the largest music festival in northern Europe).

Characteristics: Huge spherical lit structures that “breathe” fire when human contact occurs with it’s supporting poles.

How it works: When two or more people form a chain connecting the two poles, the low voltage current circuit enables the “explosion” to occur.

Is it great? Yea, it encourages people to have physical contact/work together to see an exciting end result that is aesthetically pleasing and technologically cool.


“Light Beat”

Created by: Tangible Interaction

Why? For the Illuminate Yaletown Festival in Vancouver.

Characteristics: Large spherical structure that shows heart rate by pulsing bright colors each time your heart beats.

How it works: Heart beat is measured by placing your index finger on the sensor, which then “tells” the light to pulse.

Is it great? It’s cool, it could be an “out of body” experience to see your heart beating through a different medium.


~ by beccayasner on January 13, 2010.

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